Watopia is a course in Zwift. It is the oldest available course in Zwift, and the one most often in active use on the Zwift course schedule. While the geography of Watopia is loosely based on a pair of islands in the Pacific Ocean, many features of the location are largely fictionalized, making it the only Zwift course not modelled after a real-world location. The location includes 9 individual routes and 41.64km of road.


Watopia consists of two main islands, loosely based on the islands of Te Anu and Naunonga in the Solomon Islands. The smaller of the two islands (the Te Anu analog) contains the flat and hilly routes, and the larger contains the mountain route. A pair of bridges connects the islands.

The routes on the small island follow a beachside boardwalk, passing Watopia Pier and several tall buildings. It then follows Ocean Boulevard, a long underwater tunnel that splits into either the Mountain Route or the Flat Route. The Hilly Route on the small island winds through grassy, tree-spotted rolling hills.To the west of the small island lies a newly formed highly active volcano accessible by a thin strip of land on one side, and a tunnel on the other.

The routes on the larger mountainous island pass through a German village before ascending into the snowy, alpine-style mountains. The highest point of the Mountain Route is reached by a steep 1614ft (492m) climb to a roundabout that encircles a tall radio tower, then goes back down the mountain. The Southeast approach to the mountain is long and winding, whereas the Northwest approach is a set of classic switchbacks.


Name In-game Description Distance Elevation Segments Available Notes
Big Loop Explore the regions of Watopia: Climb the Epic KOM, explore the misty Jungle and round the Volcano Flat. 26.4mi 2171ft Epic KOM
Figure 8 Combine the HIlly Roads and Flat Roads courses for a long, double loop of the island. 18.4mi 829ft Reverse Zwift KOM, Reverse Sprint, Zwift KOM, Sprint
Flat Route Ride the flattest roads on Watopia. 6.3mi 200ft Sprint
Four Horsemen This is gonna hurt. 55.5mi 6928ft Zwift KOM, Volcano KOM, Epic KOM, Alpe Du Zwift, Sprint
Hilly Route Watopia's Hilly Route includes the KOM and sprint sections. 5.7mi 354ft Zwift KOM, Sprint, Hilly Loop
Jungle Circuit A flat warmup leads to the start of the Jungle Circuit, then do laps until your legs fall off. 8.5mi 326ft Jungle Loop
Mountain 8 Combine the Mountain and Radio Tower climbs before looping out to the flats for recovery. 20.2mi 2266ft Sprint
Mountain Route Climb the highest peak in Watopia all the way to the Radio Tower. Save your Aero Boost for the fast descent! 18.3mi 2236ft Epic KOM, Sprint Although the game describes this as the highest peak in Watopa, that is no longer true following the release of Alpe Du Zwift
Road to Ruins Ride the gentle climb up to the Jungle, cross the rope bridge and finish on the Volcano Flat. 18.6mi 902ft
Road to Sky The shortest route to the longest climb. 12.4mi 3752ft Alpe Du Zwift After descending Alpe Du Zwift, the rider will remain on the Jungle Loop until a turn is made manually.
The Mega Pretzel You thought the Pretzel was a challenge? Try the KOM, Epic KOM, Mayan Ruins, followed by the Volcano Climb. Enjoy! 66.5mi 5377ft Zwift KOM, Volcano KOM, Sprint, Epic KOM, Reverse Zwift KOM

The Pretzel

A long ride starting with the KOM, then rounding the Epic KOM with a detour up to the Radio Tower and a fast descent back. 45.0mi 4463ft Epic KOM, Reverse Zwift KOM, Reverse Sprint, Zwift KOM, Reverse Epic KOM
Three Sisters Start your climb over the KOM, turn up to the Radio Tower, and after a fast descent, finish your final climb over the top of the Volcano 29.6mi 2938ft Zwift KOM, Epic KOM, Volcano KOM
Tour of Fire and Ice Winter is coming, but only after you ride out of the fiery pits of the Volcano 15.6mi 3827ft Alpe Du Zwift
Volcano Circuit Ride around, and through, the magma filled inferno created just off the coast of Watopia. 2.6mi 66ft Volcano Circuit
Volcano Circuit CCW Same as the Volcano Circuit but reverse direction 2.6mi 67ft Reverse Volcano Circuit
Volcano Climb Circumnavigate the shoreline of Watopia and finish with a climb over the Volcano. 14.2mi 665ft Volcano KOM
Volcano Flat The Volcano Flat loop includes most of the Flat Roads minus 'The Esses'. 7.6mi 164ft


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